Forum Wars


The Eve-O Forums.  Sometimes just the idea of reading through page after page of 1% content and 99% trolling gives even the most hardened CCP Dev or CSM shakes of anxiety.  Like it or not, the forums have been (and most likely will always be) Eve Online’s second warzone.  Behaviors and characterizations in-game are sometimes magnified when in-game matters get posted about on the forums.  Many people up until that particular point which caused them to post, especially in the General Discussion Threads, have either never or rarely posted before.  Unfortunately, this could make dealing with their particular issue worse.

Take this thread for example:

Now this is a thread that’s ripe for calls of “Troll” and “Moar Tears Plz”.  Now take a step back from this for just a moment and we see a familiar request: OP posts issue, flaming ensues but through the smoke a point is made, issue is resolved but the flame posts keep coming.  New people are coming into the thread who read the first few posts, then reply without realizing that there was a resolution. The OP is powerless to stop it.  The issue was resolved, but post upon post of people naive of the resolution just keep pounding away.  There’s no way to close the thread without moderator intervention.  Flaming continues without regard.  The forums are awash with this because the forums are Eve’s battlefields out of game.

Do you feel like it goes too far sometimes? Should the original poster of a thread be allowed to close it without moderator intervention?


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