Why ask why?


So we’ve all had roughly the same sorts of beginnings in this game. (Well, some more mentored than others through buddy programs and real life friends drafting us into the meat grinder).  But as for myself, I dove into this game head first into the shallow end of the pool.  In the beginning, industry was Eve’s biggest appeal to me.  I mean, what could be better than getting paid to build the things that other people blow up?  I didn’t want to fly capitals, I wanted to BUILD them.  Long story short, I was hit in the face pretty hard about what something like that would entail, especially back then.

So, after about a month or so getting myself oriented with some of the game in carebear land, I succumbed to the siren’s call of the great promises of wealth and glory of null-sec.  It was at this point that I was thrust into a totally different culture of players. Far from the assistance of the newbie corp chat, I posed my questions to my new corp mates.  Some questions were answered directly and respectfully, most were not.  Instead of leaving one type of elitist culture in EQ and WoW, I had graduated into a much larger one.  Oddly, this culture fascinated me because this was a game that being elitist was not only encouraged, but deemed necessary.  If you could not conform, you were of no use.  If you wanted to be a part of the bigger picture Proto, drop those indy dreams and get out there and PvP.  So, I did.

Don’t ask questions.  Fit your ships this way.  Train these skills.  Fly these ships.  It was maddening.  I’m a military veteran and was used to getting a bigger picture of the situation, not to mention having the ability to ask questions so that I can perform my mission.  For most people, this would turn them off entirely to the idea of null-sec.  Instead, I took it as a personal challenge to learn all I could by following FCs I respected, learning game mechanics, and analyzing fleet doctrines.  I knew that eventually this would serve me in the long run no matter where I was at in game later on.

I know, I know…a freaking individual in a barrel of monkeys.  Boo hoo, right?  Well, let’s fast forward to today.


Brave Newbies.  The story of those who dared to just do it rather than suckle from the tit of conformity.  Now, if their story sounds vaguely familiar of mass frigate gangs taking on much larger opponents, then you remember the early days when the Goons decided they were going to play Eve Online.  At face value you can call this Goons 2.0, but in reality there’s a key trait that sets BN apart and that is the ability to say “fun per hour” rather than “no fun allowed”.  It’s a total culture shift in the game that’s refreshing, but their rapid growth can be perceived as ominous when compared to GoonSwarm and their sudden rise to power during the overthrow of Band of Brothers as the most powerful influence in the game.

Brave newbies have reminded us that fun in the game is the most important thing.  If it makes the game fun for you, fit up that blaster-fitted, stabbed Rifter and go lose it gloriously.  Fuck it.  Much respect to Brave Newbies and I hope your fun per hour keeps compounding daily with interest.

So what are you waiting for?  Quit bowing to the EFT warriors, the elitists, and those who deem to run your game that is truly YOURS.  Got a theory on a ship fit?  Go do it.  If it works one time, you’ve accomplished more than any alliance in the game ever could by sticking like Crazy Glue to doctrines that other people tell them to use.

As Morpheus told us, “Free your mind.”


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