Are Trolls Good for Your Health?


This is something I’ve been chewing on for quite awhile. Although I don’t consider myself anywhere near the level of a psychologist or behaviorist, I’ve been guilty of partaking in conversations and forum posts that are, shall we say, the equivalent of beating your head against a wall repeatedly? While we’re involved in some of these arguments over controversial issues, your blood pressure rises, you become more mentally focused, and by the end you come down and relax deeper. It’s…pleasurable.

Well, it was then that I started understanding why trolls get as much of a rise as they do. Directing negative energy and anger seems to have a positive effect on your health, at least mentally. See this Men’s Health article that cite the University of Valencia in Spain that took 30 riled subjects and tested their cortisol, heart rate, testosterone and arterial tension.

Men’s Health Article

The tests seem to conclude that what they call “Motivational Directness” is a pleasurable thing. Hense, being riled up results in pleasure and is good for your health. Fascinating!

So Troll on! Those forum and channel trolls are helping you! Instead of resenting them, thank them! 🙂 They’re taking time out of their busy day to better your mental acuity, ability to deal with stress, and your heart health.

Thanks, trolls!!!


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