Setting the Record Straight

(What you are about to read is the raw and uncut story that took place on Twitter on February 12, 2014 between myself and Eve Radio. This is merely to provide the back story and the context to those who are wondering why the events with Big Country’s show struck such a chord with me. Furthermore, this blog post is not to be construed as attacking, slandering, or otherwise promoting that everyone should share the same feelings I have regarding Eve Radio, DJ Wiggles, or Big Country. This opinion piece does not represent the opinions of Crossing Zebras, its staff, or its editors. I’ll try to make every effort to keep from personalizing this incident.)


Okay. Where to begin? Let’s just dive right into some back story.

Our tale begins back on September 19th, 2013. DJ Wiggles goes on a little tryst about his opinions regarding Podside, its format, guests, and obvious bias. It all started with this one tweet:


Surprisingly, FrFrmPukin took the high ground and stayed out of the Twitter conversation. It boiled over until he finally reached his breaking point on Episiode 141 of Podside.

Four months later on January 17, 2014 DJ Wiggles then offered up some “constructive feedback” for FrFrmPukin at Podside. The entire thread conversation that took place can be found here:


Now. Although DJ Wiggles certainly has a right to his opinion, I do agree with Pukin that Wiggles should have exercised some professional courtesy and kept any creative criticism off of Twitter. I would have to venture to say that if I was in Pukin’s place, it would’ve been extremely difficult not to take this personally. Eve Radio has been an entertainment force almost since day one. Podcasters, especially FrFrmPukin and Podside, actually lift up Eve Radio as one of, if not THE, ambassadors of the game community and it’s eclectic culture.

I’m not going to bother pasting up all of the conversation. You can click the link above and view it yourself. I’m not out to twist the facts or take anyone’s words out of context. That said, there’s one tweet in particular that I want you to pay attention to:


While Wiggles may genuinely believe that he can distance his opinions from that of Eve Radio, unfortunately he has two things working against this theory in my opinion. First is that his Twitter @ name contains GRN – Gaming Radio Network. Therefore, as long as he wears that title as his ID, he represents GRN. To my mind, this is the equivalent of sending out “unofficial” correspondence on a company letterhead. Secondly, he also administrates the Eve Radio Twitter account also under GRN. Identifying himself to the community of Eve Online as a representative of GRN on both accounts makes his voice that of GRN, no matter the case. In any event, this time Pukin directly confronted Wiggles on Twitter.

Now, with that in mind let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the events that unfolded a couple of days ago.

Through Eve Radio’s Rewind, you can listen to Big Country’s show on the 12th of February. The material I call into question comes in the last 20 minutes of the show. Now, I would take issue with the “interview” that came before, but that’s just Big Country. In particular, his remarks and tone seem to downplay podcasting as a “lesser” form of media entertainment for his various reasons. You’re free to take his comments how ever you’d like and make your own choice. As for me, it set off warning bells as we now have two members representing GRN publicly criticizing podcasting. So in my mind, the score is now 2 – 0. I had had enough at this point:


Honestly, I expected to just leave that out there. I had no idea of the shitstorm that was about to follow. The conversation came in multiple parts. But once again Wiggles is trying to distance their opinions from that of the radio station at GRN:


Now comes the part where I got a little more than perturbed:


You mean give Wiggles the same courtesy that he refused to give to Pukin? No, I’m sorry. I felt that it was time to call him out on this hypocrisy. As GRN staff have made their opinions known publicly, I was free to do the same. Professional courtesy went out the window and I went both guns blazing. Did I handle this in the ideal way? In retrospect, perhaps not. However, as my sixth grade teacher taught me, I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

As I also said on Twitter, I love this community. I have NO desire whatsoever to see game media compete with one another. This goes for bloggers, podcasts, radio, and forum warriors alike. I feel there is a serious lack of professional courtesy coming from GRN and its staff that threatens to start animosity between us and I won’t stand idly by as the very fabric of the relationships we have in the out of game communities go by the wayside. EVERYONE puts forth their heart and souls into what they do. You don’t have to like the content, but you’d better respect the time and effort that went into creating it in the first place.

To DJ Wiggles: I have nothing but respect for GRN and it’s continuing efforts to remain a self funded source of entertainment for this entire community. I thoroughly enjoy quite a bit of programming while I’m on the road every day. FreightTrain, Dunewolf, Sarge, and FunkyBacon are my favorites. But until I see improvements in professionalism between your staff and the community, I hold to my opinion. I won’t be tuning in or urging support for GRN or Eve Radio specifically.


One thought on “Setting the Record Straight”

  1. Nah dude, you’re right. It’s almost like he’s hanging out in a Best buy, in a Best Buy uniform, with a name tag and everything, walking around shouting at people/telling them he doesn’t work there. Just because you SAY your views aren’t that of some other entity doesn’t make it decent to completely ignore from what angles your opinions are being lobbed.

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