Ghost In The Game

I want to apologize to everyone. It’s taken me a very long time to come to grips with the reality that I couldn’t handle the present-day society in Eve. In essence, I rage quit; but not because of some in-game plans that went awry. It wasn’t due to a substantial lossmail, corp drama, real life interference, or interactions with certain players.

I quit out of disappointment.

I was disappointed in the current state of the community and the decisiveness the Erotica1 scandal caused and the gasoline poured on the fire by trusted voices of the community out to make a name for themselves. I did submit a final article into the team at Crossing Zebras, but I did not expect it to get ran. As a matter of fact, I hoped it wouldn’t get published. It was a tirade of broken feelings, hurt, and shock at what we had become.

So I gave up. I left without saying a word. I let a few people down in the process, and I’m sorry.

I’ll spare you my last submission to Xander and Jeg. It’s of no relevance as the incident is long past us. I don’t know if I’ll be returning to the game, but I am continuing to keep my ear to the floor in the community through podcasters and bloggers when news breaks. Just think of this as an “I’m still thinking about you all” letter. Hopefully, when I do return, I can save some face and get back to business as usual.

7o Gang


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