Let’s conduct an experiment, shall we?

Well, I certainly got a lot more than I bargained for when I talked about the need to clarify RMT, especially when it comes to out of game activities like Twitch streaming. In the preceding article, Don’t Blink  I offered up an argument for RMT based on a solid argument given by the crew of the High Drag Podcast. It struck me as a curious and powerful argument despite the fact that I LOVE Twitch streamers like Fintarue who inspire me.

I thought the point was just a little more powerful than Ashterothi realized. Setting out to answer the question of Twitch streamers giving in-game prizes to subscribers and it’s relation to the Somerblink Pt. 3 scandal, I blogged about it and hoped to get a few nibbles. Next day, I discovered traffic from Reddit so I set out to see what was being said.

Firstly, I’d like to thank “SeriousSpaceships” for the linkup. This also appeared to be a first poster, so take that with a grain of salt. That said, the title of the linked post on Reddit was a bit out of context. In my fascination to get the topic out, perhaps I came across as accusatory. Let me assure everyone that this was definitely not the case. Again, I support our communities out of game (with notable exceptions because of content or drama). But out of the haze of typical Reddit crap posts, some nuggets of enlightenment and understanding of the context were starting to surface on the gold pan. I decided to take control of the Reddit thread and try to steer the helm on topic, despite it’s rocky start.


Now, I’m not saying that Reddit is a be-all-end-all definitive source of information and scientific accuracy, but some of the responses honestly took me aback. The people who raged about the post were just sick of the RMT issue and didn’t want to hear any more tinfoil (and honestly, I don’t blame them). But the few who were actually trying to help me defend and give reasoning against Ashterothi’s argument just made absolutely no sense to me:

“The whole thing has to be extremely repetitive and consequential. If a guy gives me ISK which he expects to be repayed at a time and place, sometime in the future, maybe, if i want to, in IRL money… That’s not RMT.”

“But it isn’t “for every X ISK I give away I gain Y $” the giveaways, contests and the like hopefully attract viewers and subscribers however they do not promise either. The Somer RMT plot was based on “buy this item from the dude who pays me, I will give you X amount of ISK for the item you used $ to pay for.” thus direct ISK to $.”

“Yeah because lowtax is swimming in money from Goonwaffe J4Gs, and J4Gs are unequivocally accepted into Goonwaffe.”

So the reasoning that we were given depended greatly on circumstances such as:

  1. Amount of revenue
  2. Frequency of revenue
  3. The inherent stability of the revenue stream.

Overall, at about a 50% margin throughout the day, people seem to be divided among the responders to the thread. The Reddit topic floated all day from +5 to -3 and stabilized by tonight at a +1 51% rating. That tells me that despite the typical Reddit flak cannons, this does seem to be a concern of a random sample of people about just how far CCP COULD feasibly go if it chose to take up this subject as an RMT issue. Again, this is totally NOT scientific in the least, but the results are fascinating to me.

Now. Do I think CCP would ever get involved in Twitch revenue? Hell no. Then again, I didn’t think Obama would get a second term so there you go. I want to thank Ashterothi and the crew of the High Drag Podcast again for the inspiration of this little social experiment. Fintarue and all you other Twitch streamers: Keep doing what you’re doing. Give those prizes, make some pocket cash, and may you always have targets to publicly blow up. Thank you all for participating and we’ll see you next time!



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