GROON Link to RMT?

(This is a developing story. Any corroborating accounts and sources have not been verified. Due to the nature of the subject, it is being discussed due to the severity of it’s implications. The evidence presented has not been verified for authenticity or accuracy. All sources and material are to be taken at their own merit.) 

If the provided evidence by Duckslayer is to be proven accurate, a bomb may have just been dropped on the Failheap Challenge forums. Supplying HTML sources and screenshots from the Greater Goon forums, it would appear that “A Rose Pedalar” has been engaging in RMT for some time (as much as over two years) by grinding rats and missions with the aid of 2 PCs running 11 virtual machines.



The FHC forum thread can be found HERE.

From the forum HTML that appears to have active links to current information, it would seem that operations were on a temporary hiatus due to someone fumbling the ball about the codeword used to discuss the ill-gotten PLEX. Ironically, the codeword is the same used by escorts – Roses.



Verification from either parties or by CCP is not available at this time. However, the heated discussions of why this suddenly came out now rather than then is a subject of much discussion going on in the failheap thread. Speculation or discussions regarding the specific details can be found there.

(More on this story as it develops)

Normally, I don’t do news. As I said in my preface, the only reason I post this is so we can get to the bottom of it. We don’t need another Somerblink ragefest full of drama that hurts our community. I ask that we give the matter due diligence and not jump to conclusions. This is a CCP matter and should be investigated accordingly. Thank you all.



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