Do As We Say, not as we say

By now, most have heard about the fiasco surrounding the drama about Nashh Kadavr’s Titan event held the other day. For those who’ve been living under IWantISK’s foot lately, you can visit the thread here.

Notwithstanding my already public disdain for Eve News 24 and their less-than-dimestore market effort of a tabloid, Bobmon has officially gone and made the first (and quite possibly last) blunder of his CSM quest by stating in the title of his article up on EN24 that Nashh INTENDED, (yes Bobmon, when you say that the host used the event in nefarious ways you’re intending to defame, you immature fucktard of a wannabe paparazzi shit stain) that none other than Nashh Kadavr – INTENDED to take all the ISK from the Titan Event and rig the whole thing…

…granted there was no PROOF, but that’s never stopped EN24 before, am I right? Oh and in your URL?  it’s spelled SPONSORED you illiterate, half-witted douche bag. Who on God’s green Earth put your opinion as the be all end all of authority on a subject you CLEARLY intended as a way to draw traffic to your site? And while we’re talking about your site on The GRN Show on Eve Radio, you tried to place partial responsibility for the context of the title and article on your editor(s)? Are you that fucking dense? The same people who edit and can’t find a simple spelling mistake easily caught by spell check? Here’s a clue: Look for the red, squiggly line thingies below words. Nashh may have not wanted to stir up shit with you because of the public format, but I certainly will.

I think that covers Eve News 24. Now on to the real double-talking, butt-hurt whining, carebear-cuddling try-hards over at IWantISK:

When the story was getting sorted, there was not a clear conception of both sides of the story. IWantISK was getting all hot and bothered about the event but eventually “Saw the light”…

“We have come to the conclusion that the Titan Smash event was not hosted in an ill-manner and that the defense fleet inadvertently killed the titan but did not want the prizes. They fitted the titan with their own ISK and they acted alone when they stripped the titan fits before letting it be killed by the left over players in local. Unfortunately, some things were done with a ‘sketchy’ tone leading to the defense fleet killing the titan and we will not be hosting any similar events with #EVE_nt in-game however, we will continue to sponsor their live event in Nottingham UK which some of our bankers attend and CCP should be attending this February 7th, 2015.
We were upset that the defense fleet got the final blow on the titan but we do see the great feat they have performed in defending the titan against an onslaught of players, giving many players a chance to experience large fleet warfare. Something all players should experience.
Just because we would have hosted it differently does not mean #EVE_nt hosted their game incorrectly. Many people enjoyed the prolonged event and you can’t make everyone happy.
We do appreciate how much work Nashh kadavr has done to get this event as well as the live #EVE_nt organized. He was very upset when this went down the way it did.”

So there we have it. Eve Nottingham was perceived to be safe…or so we thought…

“We have retracted our current sponsorship for #EVE_nt in Nottingham UK both in-game AND out-of-game. We are protecting the ISK of our users by not allowing this entity to award sponsored ISK to what COULD be players related to the host.”

Yes, IWantISK. Taking away your precious sponsorship will have a traumatic effect on the Eve nerds’ beer consumption. I’m sure after praising Nashh for the effort he put into the event, then stabbing him in the fucking back in NO TERMS will reflect badly upon your word and your “business”. If I had an account with your site, you’d be winning easy ISK by betting that I’d be closing it post-haste. Not only that, but sponsorships that you do put out there will be publicly linked to this story and your outright abusive behavior by you and EN24 over a man who was simply attempting to throw a successful event in the shadows of many that had failed in recent history.

Personally, I will not participate in any events sponsored by either of these parties until a public apology is issued, apologizing to Nashh Kadavr for printing libel, going back on your word, being a willfull general trolling nuisance to the real content creators of this game, and being less than reasonable given the subject and the several opportunities given to the parties to clear the air.

Fuck it Nashh. I don’t care if it’s an event where we spend all day in Thera hunting a couple little shuttles named “IWantISK” and “EN24”. Based on your character throughout this whole circumstance, count me in. I’ll fly with you.

2 thoughts on “Do As We Say, not as we say”

  1. yeah, Bobmon. It’s impossible to hold a wet noodle to the flames. Just in case you missed the EN24 “Holocausted” thing, I took a screenshot ( knowing it would come up in conversation sometime. After changing it, Bobby didn’t make a full apology, and instead said it’s being taken down because it might offend some people. A real apology would have sounded something like, “we took it down because it was a fucking mistake.”

    And now he’s running for CSM. Seems Grath’s plan to troll CCP with Xenuria didn’t work, so he’s going to try again with one of their own.

    Forgive me, I’m not going to link any of the aforementioned here.

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