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GROON Link to RMT?

(This is a developing story. Any corroborating accounts and sources have not been verified. Due to the nature of the subject, it is being discussed due to the severity of it’s implications. The evidence presented has not been verified for authenticity or accuracy. All sources and material are to be taken at their own merit.) 

If the provided evidence by Duckslayer is to be proven accurate, a bomb may have just been dropped on the Failheap Challenge forums. Supplying HTML sources and screenshots from the Greater Goon forums, it would appear that “A Rose Pedalar” has been engaging in RMT for some time (as much as over two years) by grinding rats and missions with the aid of 2 PCs running 11 virtual machines.



The FHC forum thread can be found HERE.

From the forum HTML that appears to have active links to current information, it would seem that operations were on a temporary hiatus due to someone fumbling the ball about the codeword used to discuss the ill-gotten PLEX. Ironically, the codeword is the same used by escorts – Roses.



Verification from either parties or by CCP is not available at this time. However, the heated discussions of why this suddenly came out now rather than then is a subject of much discussion going on in the failheap thread. Speculation or discussions regarding the specific details can be found there.

(More on this story as it develops)

Normally, I don’t do news. As I said in my preface, the only reason I post this is so we can get to the bottom of it. We don’t need another Somerblink ragefest full of drama that hurts our community. I ask that we give the matter due diligence and not jump to conclusions. This is a CCP matter and should be investigated accordingly. Thank you all.



Confessions of a High Drag Podcast Contest Loser


Beginning of December. I finish my inspection of the truck and just before I take off from Texas to California, Random McNally and the rest of the High Drag crew drop the bomb about an introduction contest. Ideas began to flood my head as I headed west. All night, I kept thinking of music backgrounds, the way I wanted to format it, etc.

Did I want it to be funny?

Did I want it Dramatic?


Taking my break in El Paso, I broke out my older laptop, downloaded an open-source sound editor as well as several back episodes of High Drag then got to work. Like most people, I don’t like the sound of my own voice at times, so what do? Ah, how about an open source reader to go with the software I’m downloading! At the break-neck speed of a truck stop wi-fi connection, data streamed through at the pace of a sleeping snail nailed to a two-by-four. Coming back from eating some dinner and taking a shower, I set off to work.

Funny. Yes, it had to be somewhat of a parody. All of the moments about the podcasts that I remember were hilarious moments done at the drop of a hat. I snipped a few clips of each of the panelists and thought about a theme. I imagined a clone bay coming to life then set the narration to do the introduction of each member of the podcast as if they were rising from their suspended animation.

“Clearance request for incoming transmission: Granted…Clone bay accessed…”

It just began to fall together. Doom music in the background, I set out to create something both epic and funny. “Genious!” I thought to myself. This is going to be great!

Then, just before the holidays, the rules changed. No longer was this for a Plex and a Daredevil…but FOUR Plex and THREE Daredevils. Now, understanding that I’m Eve poor, this now officially turned into a “Oh, that’d be nice.” to “ZOMG I’m gonna be SPACE RICH!!!11!”. But alas…I was the only entry thus far. I didn’t want to win by freaking DEFAULT! So I set to the boards, Twitter, and spread as much word as I could.

Judgement day. Another night at a truckstop back in Amarillo, Texas patiently waiting for Fintarue to start his twitch stream. Bandwidth was better tonight. The video was choppy, but I could hear the crew doing their preshow preparation in the background. It was kinda cheating, but I did hear Random read off the results to get confirmation from Fintarue, Asherothi, and Zealot that these were the agreed upon results. They confirmed it and the recording began.

Eight minutes of intros, hellos, and updates from each of the panelists. I knew where I placed, I just wanted to hear the other two competitor’s submissions. This was freaking killing me. What beat me? What didn’t I think of? Was I off base with what the panel wanted to hear?

Then the playbacks began, first that of the third place winner; who’s introduction, while clear and according to the rules, was a bit slow for me. Nothing really jumped out and grabbed me. Sorta felt like I was going to be listening to a Deaf Poetry Jam podcast. It was good, but I could understand why the panel didn’t select it. Next was mine. Fin really liked the music set to it and Random seemed to really appreciate the clips I used…

Come on…play the freaking winner already!!!!

Epic music sets in. Clips from mission control in Apollo 13 cue up with self intros from the panel followed by, “This…is High Draaaag”. It was good. Damn, it was good. The cutting was seamless and the volumes were spot on. I had to comment in channel that it was good. Better than mine. This seemed to be the story of Goldilocks and the Eve Bears. First one too cold, the second too hot, with the third juuuuuust riiiight.

In the end, I came out with the Plex and Daredevil that I participated for in the first place so to me I won either way. 🙂 Congratulations to the winner of the High Drag Intro Contest!

…I’ll be back!

Listen to the Intro (right click to save)

Are Trolls Good for Your Health?


This is something I’ve been chewing on for quite awhile. Although I don’t consider myself anywhere near the level of a psychologist or behaviorist, I’ve been guilty of partaking in conversations and forum posts that are, shall we say, the equivalent of beating your head against a wall repeatedly? While we’re involved in some of these arguments over controversial issues, your blood pressure rises, you become more mentally focused, and by the end you come down and relax deeper. It’s…pleasurable.

Well, it was then that I started understanding why trolls get as much of a rise as they do. Directing negative energy and anger seems to have a positive effect on your health, at least mentally. See this Men’s Health article that cite the University of Valencia in Spain that took 30 riled subjects and tested their cortisol, heart rate, testosterone and arterial tension.

Men’s Health Article

The tests seem to conclude that what they call “Motivational Directness” is a pleasurable thing. Hense, being riled up results in pleasure and is good for your health. Fascinating!

So Troll on! Those forum and channel trolls are helping you! Instead of resenting them, thank them! 🙂 They’re taking time out of their busy day to better your mental acuity, ability to deal with stress, and your heart health.

Thanks, trolls!!!