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The Heat Sink Podcast – Episode 2: Dry those tears…


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Show Notes:

We’re joined by several members of the Brave Dojo:

Cagali_Cagali, Hegheghegheg, Stealtooth Slicewind, Kira Tsukimoto, Thomas Markov

BRAVE versus Pandemic Legion updates

Special music request by CCP Punkturis

Operation of the Brave Dojo

Solo kill of the week:

Thomas Markov’s Battle Venture:

Final Word Segment: The Mittani’s “gift” to HERO:


The Heat Sink Podcast – Episode 1

Show Notes:

Intro What I’ve been doing in game lately. – Not a whole hell of a lot.

BRAVE versus Pandemic Legion

Latest TEST and BRAVE propaganda videos:

Parody: Rixx Javix Warp Stab commercial

T3 Destroyer Theorycrafting

Solo kill of the week:

Final Word Segment: Podcast PvP

Special message regarding your real life health.

Random McNally
High Drag Podcast Crew
Connall Tara and Turtle
Whole bunch of folks.