The Heat Sink Podcast – Episode 1

Show Notes:

Intro What I’ve been doing in game lately. – Not a whole hell of a lot.

BRAVE versus Pandemic Legion

Latest TEST and BRAVE propaganda videos:

Parody: Rixx Javix Warp Stab commercial

T3 Destroyer Theorycrafting

Solo kill of the week:

Final Word Segment: Podcast PvP

Special message regarding your real life health.

Random McNally
High Drag Podcast Crew
Connall Tara and Turtle
Whole bunch of folks.

6 thoughts on “The Heat Sink Podcast – Episode 1”

  1. I am a trucker and consume a rediculous amount of audio content but I need to be able to download it…. downloadable content dude.

  2. I’m prehistoric, and I’m too dumb to be a trucker, so I hate itunes. But I do listen to a lot of stuff.

    Me want downloadable, though, cause the whole point of a podcast is listening to it when you’re not on your computer. I got the download url by making the source code display, but I’d rather have a link next time, please.

    1. I’m going to be changing some formatting to try to make it possible to track direct d/l traffic. Please be patient and we’ll get all available links up soon. Thanks for listening!

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